An electronic mailing list is a collection of email addresses which get the same message simultaneously. When you send an e-mail message to the mailing list address, your message will be redirected to all the email addresses on that list automatically, but none of the receivers will learn who the other recipients are. In the general case, people have to subscribe to a mailing list, but occasionally mailboxes are included manually without the approval of their owners. Based on the given list management software, you may also be able to approve new mailing list subscribers, so people cannot register for your mailing list unless you okay their signup request. The mailing list functionality is quite handy in case you’d like to send newsletters on a regular basis or some other sort of periodic notifications to customers, since you will need to send out only one e-mail message and all the mailing list subscribers will receive it momentarily. As a consequence, you won’t have to type in a lot of email addresses manually.
Mailing Lists in Shared Website Hosting
If you decide to get a shared website hosting account from our company, you will be able to create multiple Internet mailing lists with only a couple of mouse clicks through the Email Manager section of our in-house built Hepsia Control Panel. You’ll be able to pick the mailbox from which you will send email messages to your subscribers, as well as the admin address and password which will provide you with access to advanced features when you administer the mailing lists. We employ the full-featured Majordomo software, which will allow you to authorize and to remove subscribers without any effort and to edit different settings. In case you want to keep in touch with different types of people, you can create more mailing lists and administer them just as easily.
Mailing Lists in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you choose to acquire one of our semi-dedicated hosting to host your domain names and to manage your email correspondence with customers, you’ll be able to create electronic mailing lists with only several mouse clicks. There’s no restriction on how many lists you can have at once, so you can send different information to different types of people. To set up a brand new mailing list, you just need to visit the Email Manager section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, to click the corresponding button and then to indicate an admin email, an admin password and the actual mailing list address to which you’ll send out the messages that your mailing list subscribers will receive. You’ll be able to set up and to delete mailing lists and to include, delete, authorize and view mailing list subscribers at any time.